Inbound Consulting

Inbound marketing consultants offer diverse consulting, advisory, and strategic services tailored to various clients.


Ad retargeting is a type of PPC advertising. Advertisers configure their ad campaigns to target specific web users based on their previous internet activity, which can be discerned through cookies and third-party data. This allows advertisers to make bids that target users whose browsing history makes them more likely to click on the ad.

Retargeted ads can target users who have had previous interactions with your site or your brand. For example, a potential customer may have looked at specific product categories on your website. This is commonly referred to as website retargeting.

Social Media Consulting

Pearson offers a range of SEM consulting services to help your business make sense of paid search. Many Google AdWords advertisers find effectively managing the intricacies of a paid search campaign to be both time-consuming and confusing. For these reasons, WordStream’s SEM consulting services are invaluable to businesses that want to maximize their PPC ROI and focus on taking care of their customers.

Marketing Consulting

Our social media team works with you to find your true brand voice, one that resonates with your target audience. We drive engagement by talking with your audience, not at them. Your assigned social media strategist joins your team, refining your online presence and contributing to relevant conversations. With extensive experience generating results on each platform, your social strategist determines how to position your brand to achieve the greatest social reach.

Content Strategy Optimization

A Search Performance Brief (SPB) is a data-driven content creation process that maximizes the likelihood of ranking for target keywords and driving qualified traffic.

Our proprietary methodology for building them makes it simple for our expert writers to create incredibly comprehensive and high-performing content.