Anyone who owns a business should understand the importance of an effective social media campaign.
Even so, there are a lot of businesses out there that get it wrong. While there is much information online about the best ways to tackle social media, we see many folks using illegal tactics. For that reason, we are going to highlight some of the most common mistakes made by businesses. Hopefully, taking a look at this will help you to avoid following suit.

1. FOCUSING ON THE NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS, NOT THE QUALITY- It is good to have hundreds of followers, but they are not much use if they are uninterested in your business. Many people share product posts on Facebook, so you need to find people interested in yours.

2. NOT POSTING ENGAGING CONTENT REGULARLY- Status updates should always be used to say something interesting, and people can engage with. There are 176 million people who buy products online each year, and you need to get their attention.

3. NOT CONVERTING FOLLOWERS INTO PAID CUSTOMERS- Conversions are significant for business users. Having thousands of people share your posts is good, but you are not going to benefit from that unless they make a purchase. Only 50% of people who see products advertised on social media will make a purchase. Therefore, make sure your posts are as eye-catching as possible.

4. FOCUSING ON TOO MANY SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS- Social media specialist can help you with your online efforts so that you do not spend yourself too thin. Facebook has 1.23 billion users, so that is where you should focus most of your efforts.

5. HAVING NO BRAND STORY- If people think your posts are generic and boring, they are less likely to make a purchase. Every status update should be personalized. The brand story is the value your business brings to the community, and it represents your purpose and your history. Using a dedicated social media manager will help convey your brand story through all of your social media platforms.

6. SPAMMING- The last thing you want to do is spam your audience. If people start to think you are posting to many ‘salesy’ updates, they will stop viewing your page. Spam accounts for around 14.5 billion messages sent on social media every day.

7. NOT HAVING A STRATEGY AT ALL- Blindly trying to do the right thing on social media is not a good idea, but a robust strategy that has been carefully created is warranted. 82% of businesses are currently using social media to grow their customer base.